15 décembre 2010

Infinity Wool Neckless

Here is my lastest creation!! An extra long neckloop hand knitted with 100% merino yarn grown and spun in France..
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13 décembre 2010

Berberia Mohair Black Scarf

New item in the shop, Berberia mohair scarf is now available in black!
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03 décembre 2010

Opening Offer

In order to celebrate my Etsy Shop Opening I will offer all my costumers a 10% coupon discount. Enter the code "CreaKy2010" at checkout. (Valid until December 15th at midnight)
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29 novembre 2010

My name is Amélie. I'm a French designer living in Lyon,Fance.All my creations are original patterns design and hand made by me. Most of my designs are unique pieces or when mentioned limited edition numbered from 1 to 8. Items on limited editions will be labelled with the number matching their order of "birth".        
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